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Designing Food at the Dutch Design Week


Hivos, together with IIED, Baltan Laboratories and the Dutch Design Week addressed the intertwined and complex issues around our global food system. They challenged policymakers, experts, creative practitioners and scientists to reflect upon the processes of food production, – consumption, and distribution.

Events at the 2015 Dutch Design Week included

  • Future Food Seminar: from challenge to design, an invitee-only seminar where policymakers, designers, researchers, CSOs, entrepreneurs and consumers from around the world participated to provide input to design the future food system.

  • Photo-exhibit of the Food Change Labs. Through this photo-exhibit, the story of the Food Change Labs in Uganda, Zambia and Indonesia connected to the innovative solutions proposed at the Dutch Design Week. See also Building Fairer Food Futures, powerful images from Uganda and Indonesia that highlight the importance of informal food vendors in the food systems of the rural and urban poor.
  • Presenting the developed prototypes or products of six creative practitioners in the 2015 edition of the Age of Wonderland program. The second edition of the Age of Wonderland program addressed the intertwined and complex issues around our global food system, which challenged creative practitioners to reflect upon the processes of food production, -consumption, and -distribution.

Participants invited to work at Baltan Laboratories in Eindhoven interrogated relationships between food and environmental, technological, economic and social concerns. Based on the Open Call distributed within the Hivos network, the following creative practitioners presented their work at the Age of Wonderland program in 2015

  • Symbat Satybaldieva (Kyrgyzstan)
  • Yoyo Yogasmana (Indonesia)
  • Achmad Fadilla (Indonesia)
  • Arie Syarifuddin (Indonesia)
  • Ahadi Katera (Tanzania)
  • Sari Dennise (Mexico)

Read all about the process of the creatives during their six-week residency, leading to Dutch Design Week 2015.

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  • photo: Sven Torfinn. Uganda, Fort Portal, Rwenzori province, July 2015. Fort Portal, a fast expanding town in the foothills of the Rwenzori mountains. The urbanization attracts more people and creates non-agricultural economic activities. Farmers living around the town are providing food, especially for the low income settlers. Agricultural produce, fruits and vegetables, but also Matoke, or cooking plantain, or bananas, the staple food for most people in Uganda, is brought to town and sold on the markets. After sunset along the roads people set up stalls and sell a variety of food, fries, goats meat, chapatis, stew, Matoke. The informal street vendors provide food for the low-income settlers and people passing the town with public transport.
A day in the life of a street food vender: Chris Byamukama, also known as: Black, 27 years. Chris is married to Rose Biira, 24 yrs, and they have 4 children together. He is the chairman of the Fort Portal food vendors Association.
Chris is also training as a crime preventer together with 80 other youth from Fort Portal Municipality. Crime prevention a government program that aims at empowering the youth to keep law and order in their communities. 
Chris prepares chapatis and sells them to people along the road. He starts in the afternoon, around 4pm, till 10pm in the night. With the profit he can sustain his family. The flour and cooking oil he buys in the store next door.

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